Robot Vacuum cleaner Tips for Efficient Cleaning

Robot Vacuum cleaner Tips for Efficient Cleaning

Know your home before you buy: Before you purchase a robot vacuum cleanr, take a look at your house. Look at all the nooks and crannies. Imagine of your space from a robotic point of view. If home’s sofa has a small space at the bottom, would you need a slimmer robot to reach it? Does dust accumulate in the corners of your room?

Give it a try

it is tempting, but you cannot open the box, turn on your new robot vacuum, go out for three hours, and hope to come home with a clean house. It will take you and the vacuum cleaner some time to understand the potential obstacles you have in your home for mobile machines.

Empty Trash can frequently

A robotic vacuum cleaner has a much smaller collection area than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Make it a priority to empty yours frequently. An overfilled canister will reduce the effectiveness of your robot vacuum and can even cause overheating and damage.

Turn on the lights

A robotic vacuum cleaner uses a variety of different sensors to navigate your home. Example, most of the more enhanced models use self-generated or lidar laser to navigate. Others make use of a stereoscopic cameras. This sensor generally works in line with a bumper sensor to warn them when they hit something & an infrared cliff sensor to warn them when they fall off a ladder.

Keep your robot clean

Keep your robot in top condition by cleaning it thoroughly from time to time to ensure that the dust sensors and other electronic components are clean and working properly. This guarantees that it will serve you in your home for a long time.

Use schedules and geofencing to clean when you’re not at home

The app-controlled robot vacuum has more granular controls with the ability to schedule cleaning of specific rooms or areas multiple times a day. For example, you can install a vacuum cleaner to clean under the kitchen table after dinner or vacuum the living room at 9am when the children are at school.


Place the charging station in a flat and easily accessible location, preferably where it needs cleaning most so you can always reach and recharge. Keep service stations clean and dust-free.